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  1. Hi Ms White

    I cant tell you how much I enjoy listening to the audio books you preform. I love your interpretations and you are wonderful to listen to.

    I started with the Emilie Richards series now I just want to find any book that you have read, forget the author its all about the presentation.

    Thank you for all that you do, I commute three hours a day and listening to you makes my drive so much more bearable. Some days after my drive, I am upset that the hour and half is over, I have often found my self sitting in my car finishing off a chapter before going in to start my day or evening.


    Sue Koebel

    • Thank you so much Sue for reaching out with this lovely feedback. Having started out as a theater performer where the audience reactions were immediate, it truly means the world to me to hear that I’ve made a difference in someone’s day since mine are spent reading by myself in a small dark booth! All the best to you and thank you for listening.

  2. Karen, I’d like to become an audio book reader. How do I go about it? I have a vast library of specialty books and would like to share them with those who need or prefer the audio format.
    How do I navigate the copyright aspect? Should I try to join the union or go solo?
    Is there a ‘formal’ training or prep?
    I saw no e-mail listed. I could only contact you through this site to inquire :-(.

    • Hi Marge,
      I think this link to the Audiobook Publishers Association website is the best place to start if you are looking to narrate audiobooks:

      Most narrators are highly trained professional actors with a great deal of vocal training and performance experience. SAG-AFTRA is also a valuable resource:

      I’m not sure if the books you refer to are in the public domain or are books that you have written. If they are by other authors, it would be a copyright infringement to record them.

      Good luck to you!

  3. Hi Karen,

    Your work is amazing.

    Would you please let me know how I may contact you regarding your services?


  4. Hi Karen, I am publicity chair for The Topsail Twp Friends of the Hampstead Library and in charge of obtaining speakers for our annual fundraiser luncheons and dinners. We are having a fall dinner in early November or there about and wonder if you would like to come and speak to us? All we can offer you is a nice dinner and you are welcomed to bring a guest. If you are interested, please contact me and I will give you all the details. Many of us use audiobooks often and I think you would make a wonderful speaker.

    Maggie Sevek/Publicity./TTFOL

  5. Hi, I am new to audio books. I spend over 2 hours on the road each day and audio books have changed my life. I am now in the process of looking for books that you have done. I finished all the Julie James books and now I am working on the Jill Shalvis. I signed up for your blog to keep track of new books. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment I have received and have a wonderful Holiday.

  6. Hello Ms. White. My name is Matthew Garza. I too graduated with a degree in English, creative writing and a second major in Rhetoric. I too have no desire to teach. I have been reading up on audiobook proffers, and am very much interested in making this a career. I am an avid reader of course, have listened to audiobooks sine my mother introduced me to them at the age of 7. My first one was Sarah Plain and Tall. My very favorite. I am just asking for a little advice if I may. Could you tell me how to go about being a proofer? I have applied a few places, Brilliance Audio, and Blackstone, but unfortunately no luck. Could you steer me in the right direction? I would appreciate any advice you could offer. Thank you.

    • Hi Matthew,

      You might want to go to Audiofile Magazine, or the Audiobook Publisher’s Association to get a listing of audiobook publishers as well as producers. The latter may be more inclined to hire proofers, as some of them do a lot of post-production work as well. You might also try Jeffrey Kafer or Zach Herries (Mosaic Audio) who subcontract post production. I would also try joining “Audiobook Crowd” an open FB group and see if narrators might want to hire you directly. Good luck!

  7. Karen,
    Great job! You sound wonderful! All the best,
    Kim (Herosian)Christianian

    • Thanks, Kim! Nice to “see” you!

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