LIKE IT’S 1999

a nostalgic romantic comedy novella
They’re never getting married…at least not in the 20th century.


a nostalgic romantic comedy
The course of true love never did run smooth, but in this smart and sexy 20th-century historical fiction rom-com with a feisty heroine and a beta hero, returns on love can’t be measured on the S&P 500.


a nostalgic romantic comedy
An underwear model, a best friend’s little sister, and a dog who steals the show make for an unexpected mix in this bittersweet romantic comedy.

Essays & Short Stories


He’s my brother’s best friend, I’ve known him since I was six years old, he’s home for the summer and my brother isn’t. Which means he’s the perfect guy to lose my virginity with. I’ve done the research: The Joy of Sex, Fear of Flying, all of Danielle Steele’s books. I just need to convince him that it’s a good idea to be my partner in my self-devised “Intro to Good Sex” course.


We’ve been Kick the Can teammates, she’s cried on my shoulder, we worked on plays in high school. If she weren’t my best friend’s little sister, I’d have asked her out years ago. Her brother’s in the Navy now and I promised him I’d watch out for her. Pretty sure that doesn’t mean seeing her naked. Somehow she convinces me that it’s a good idea for us to have sex. And boy is it. Until we both head to college and have to decide whether this summer class is one we want to make a year-long thing…

Take a trip back in time to the 1980’s with this prequel to the nostalgic Boston Classic series, where the setting may be retro, but falling in and out of love hasn’t changed.

Can’t Get Used to Losing You

(short story)

Vintage Love Stories
Blunderwoman Productions, August 2018

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“These love stories, with themes as old as time, are worth listening to again and again.”

AudioFile Magazine review

The Way You Make Me Feel

(as yet unpublished full-length romance)
First Place winner, Contemporary Romance Series, NJ Put Your Heart in a Book Contest, November 2017

Faith (essay) and The Box (poem)

Nevertheless We Persisted
Blunderwoman Productions audio-first anthology
October 2017

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The Extra Ingredient: So You Wanna Be a Movie Extra?

Salt Magazine February 2015