Visiting Boston, virtually

On the What I’m Looking For Goodreads page a reviewer wrote, “I’m ready for a visit to Walden Pond!”**

As it’s challenging for people to travel right now, I thought others might enjoy some internet travel via my Pinterest research boards for the Boston Classics series. What’s cool about all the spots below is how little they’ve changed over the years. Surrounding buildings popping up have shifted skylines, and some businesses have disappeared, but the feel is the same.

Walden Pond

When I lived in Waltham and Arlington, biking to Walden Pond was a favorite escape. We took the girls just a few years ago (they’re the ones responsible for putting the cell phone in Thoreau’s hand – neither would’ve been there in 1988, of course).

Boston Common & Public Garden

When I was teaching acting at Emerson, lunch on a bench here was a regular habit. It’s the setting for the classic children’s book, Make Way For Ducklings, and my kids are among many who’ve had their photos with the statues celebrating the book.

The Charles River

Kate and I share a love of biking around the Charles.

Harvard Square

Site of the “juggler incident,” also something Kate and I share a memory of.

Menotomy Rocks Park

For my family this is a favorite outing whenever we visit friends in Arlington, MA. You won’t find this spot in What I’m Looking For, but it’s an important setting in the next book in the series, Forget About Me (aiming for a release this fall, fingers crossed). If you can’t wait, it and the characters in book two are featured in the short story Can’t Get Used to Losing You in the collection Vintage Love Stories.

**Thanks for that review Anne P. and everyone else who has supported the book in that fashion. If you’ve read the book, please add your own review on Goodreads, Bookbub, Amazon, Kobo and/or Apple books! If you haven’t read the book, I hope these photos will tempt you to take a trip back in time to Boston in 1988.

And, if you’ve read this far, you get one more link to check out: the inspiration for the male main character in Forget About Me. He plays Romeo in What I’m Looking For, but before returning to Boston he was a model, like these guys.

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