The Marchand Woman by Brian Garfield

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From the Publisher:

When her son is kidnapped in Mexico, a mother seeks vengeance.
Film director Carole Marchand’s son has just been kidnapped for the third time. The first two times weren’t as troubling, since Carole had abducted Robert herself – incidents in her hideous divorce. This time, the kidnappers are unknown killers, and Carole wants to know what her ex-husband, Warren, is going to do about it.
Robert was in Mexico with the American ambassador when gunmen swarmed their convoy, taking the ambassador and snatching Robert up with him. As Robert disappears into Central America, Warren and his colleagues at the State Department turn up no leads. Because Robert wasn’t their actual target, his life has little value. When Carole receives word that Robert has been killed, she resolves to take revenge. If the government won’t help her, she will punish her child’s killers herself.

My recording experience:
This book was published in print in 1979!  But I gotta tell ya, it’s a timeless story of mama revenge, as well as a woman coming into her own (not to mention an unexpected love) at a later time in her life.  Charmingly dated, really almost a historical fiction, this book dives into our country’s troubled and full-of-trouble relationship with our neighbors in Central America.  The thriller plot line is well done and the dialogue and characters well crafted.  A satisfying dip into the backlist.
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