The Making of a Book Cover 2.5

I hadn’t planned to write a holiday novella but Hot Steve unexpectedly turned into such a compelling character that I decided he needed a story. An idea for a New Year’s Eve themed story spanning the final decade of the 20th century planted itself in my head, and Like It’s 1999 snuck it’s way onto my writing schedule for 2020 (I mean, what else did I have to do with my time…?)

Luckily I was able to talk my intrepid (and busy) cover designer Lana into fitting me into her schedule. This time when I gave her the basics, she started the process by sending me a sketch she found to get the ball rolling.

I loved the idea and shared my Pinterest boards for both characters to give her specific faces to work from. Steve had been tougher for me to pin down than I’d expected since he loomed so large in my imagination. He wasn’t visually specific for me until I started looking at hot 80’s icons (and their preppy sweaters).

Alice is based in part on one of my college roommates, who also emigrated to the U.S. in elementary school. Visually, one Korean actress in particular (Han Ye Seul) really caught my eye. It’s as much about the sparkle in her eye as her beauty.

When Lana sent her initial sketch of Alice and Steve, the characters’ body language just wasn’t communicating what it needed to. That is: “I’m interested, but I shouldn’t be.” The grumpy poses said “why do I have to deal with this person?” (Alice’s boots and pony tail were perfect, however!)

So I sent her back to the drawing board with some other ideas, especially with regards to Steve’s posture and Alice’s shirt (cold weather and more 80’s).

That was the ticket because the next sketch delivered.

A few tweaks to the placement of title, sub-title and tag line and we were done!

Like It’s 1999 releases in ebook only on December 9, 2020. Pre-order now and it’ll arrive in your inbox on release day!

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