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CASSANDRA MCNEIL: organized chaos, in and out of the rink

I met Cassie at Tantor’s annual APAC party last year and was delighted to learn that not only is she Tantor’s voice on Facebook, but she competes in roller derbies! KW: What is your job title and what’s a typical day like for you? CM:   I am the Marketing Project Manager at Tantor Media. A . . .

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AMY FERNALD: a different approach

JIAM2012 Behind the Scenes Interview #5 I was really looking forward to talking to Amy.  I had noticed years ago that the cover art on audiobooks was often different from that of the hardcover or paperback, and I’d surmised that it was a licensing issue.  But recently, I’d read a few dialogues between a Goodreads . . .

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