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LYSA WILLIAMS: “It’s an auction!”

Craig Black, the owner of Blackstone Audio, was honored at this year’s Audies.  One of the things that struck me in his introduction was how he has always made room for great literature, even if those books might not be great sellers.  I love how Lysa talks about this from her point of view. KW:  . . .

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PICKING COTTON by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino & Ronald Cotton with Erin Torneo

BEST AUDIO BOOK OF 2009, NON-FICTION AUDIO SAMPLE: AVAILABLE FROM TANTOR MEDIA “In 1984, Thompson-Cannino, a 22-year-old white, North Carolina college student, was viciously raped by a black intruder and identified Cotton as her attacker. Her testimony led to his conviction and a sentence of life imprisonment, though DNA evidence exonerated him 11 years later. . . .

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