Supper Club Mysteries by Ellery Adams


Stiffs and Swine, Supper Club #4

“James Henry and the Flab Five are invited to serve as judges at Hog Fest, a celebrated barbecue festival in the Virginia mountains. But when one of the “pit masters” is found dead and a member of the supper club is accused of the murder, James and his friends have to lick the sauce off their fingers and get to work catching a killer.
Amid a fairground filled with colorful people and tempting food, The Flab Five are sure to fall off the diet wagon. But James Henry has more to worry about than his expanding waistline. His bookmobile is dead, suspicious activities are taking place in his beloved library, and his relationship with Murphy Alistair is on the rocks.
James needs to focus less on brisket and fried pickles and more on solving problems because Hog Fest is clearly no picnic.”

From the review at Fan Girl Nation:

“The audiobook of Stiffs and Swine is performed aptly by Karen White, who has narrated the previous books in the series as well. She uses great expression without over-emoting as well as good timing. I really like the way she makes the book come alive.
Stiffs and Swine is a really good book that I enjoyed listening to. I appreciated all the aspects of this book, whether the major plot point, the more minor plot points, or the characters. I strongly recommend this book to other readers and give it five stars.”


The Battered Body, Supper Club #5

“There’s big trouble in Quincy’s Gap when the “Diva of Dough” arrives to bake the wedding cake for Milla and Jackson’s Christmas Eve wedding. The Diva, a celebrity television chef and cookbook author, is Milla’s younger sister. And while her cakes are delectably sweet and incredibly beautiful, the Diva makes enemies wherever she goes. When one of the Diva’s enemies decides to take her out, and Deputy Lucy Hanover finds the famous chef’s body covered in cake batter, the Supper Club members find themselves up to their necks in suspects.”

Warning! While many listeners have rightfully noted that these books are a realistic portrayal of the trials of taking off pounds and keeping them off, Adams’s descriptions of food can make you really hungry. I just had to bake a pie after reading Chapter 11 of Stiffs and Swine. And eat it of course.

Photo from an real-life Hog Beauty Contest

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4 thoughts on “Supper Club Mysteries by Ellery Adams”

  1. sallycootie says:

    All of her books are so enjoyable, and great for listening while walking. Love the Beauty Hog! Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Mary C says:

    Does narrating the food descriptions make you crave the food?
    Thanks for the chance.

    1. Karen says:

      Definitely! A little known occupational hazard.

    2. Karen says:

      Mary, you are the winner of these books! I’ll email you about sending them to you.

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