by Jacqueline Dowd Hall

A Struggle for the Soul of America

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Descendants of a prominent slaveholding family, Elizabeth, Grace, and Katharine Lumpkin grew up in a culture of white supremacy. But while Elizabeth remained a lifelong believer, her younger sisters chose vastly different lives. Seeking their fortunes in the North, Grace and Katharine reinvented themselves as radical thinkers whose literary works and organizing efforts brought the nation’s attention to issues of region, race, and labor.

In Sisters and Rebels, National Humanities Award–winning historian Jacquelyn Dowd Hall follows the divergent paths of the Lumpkin sisters, who were “estranged and yet forever entangled” by their mutual obsession with the South. Tracing the wounds and unsung victories of the past through to the contemporary moment, Hall revives a buried tradition of Southern expatriation and progressivism; explores the lost, revolutionary zeal of the early twentieth century; and muses on the fraught ties of sisterhood.

Grounded in decades of research, the family’s private papers, and interviews with Katharine and Grace, Sisters and Rebels unfolds an epic narrative of American history through the lives and works of three Southern women.

Sometimes when researching non-fiction, a narrator has to comb the internet to find name pronunciations. Looking for the pronunciation of one of the subject’s middle name, “Du Pre”, I found an interview the author did with Katharine Du Pre Lumpkin back in 1974, archived in the Southern Oral History Program collection, housed at UNC-Chapel Hill where Dr. Dowd Hall taught for years (and by happenstance, in the town where I grew up, so as you can imagine, I have a strong connection to this title). I invite you to take a listen to the interview here, but before you leave this page, don’t forget to enter the giveaway below.

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2 thoughts on “SISTERS & REBELS”

  1. Karen,

    I just saw this. Would love to hear more about your growing up in CH. Am also just now looking forward to listening to the book. (Seemed too strange a thing to do earlier.)

    1. kwhite says:

      Strangely, I didn’t get a notification about this comment; apologies for the delay in approving it! I hope you’re pleased with the audiobook. It was a pleasure and learning experience to record. I listened to your interview with Katherine Lumpkin; it was so helpful to hear her voice (and to hear some names pronounced). I’ll try to reach out via your unc email, or please feel free to contact me: karen@karenwhiteaudiobooks.com. I’d love to talk about Chapel Hill! My parents are still there. I don’t think my dad will ever quit teaching.

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