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Recipe for a Boston Classic Cocktail: one part finance geek, one part starving actor, two shots of stubborn and a healthy squeeze of passion. Shake well and serve in a vintage glass.

When Kate Bishop walks into Boston’s famous Bull and Finch pub, all she’s looking for is one guy from her investment firm that she can trust to have her back—a tall order. With a salesman at her side, maybe stage fright won’t paralyze her completely when she presents her meticulously prepared research to clients. And maybe she can save her job.

Romance is the last thing on her to-do list, but a meet-cute with a Shakespeare-quoting bartender has her speculating on the value of diversifying her life portfolio.

Will Talbot is not a fan of the slick financiers who cram into his bar after each day’s closing bell. With their calls for Harvey Wallbangers and their Hermès ties, they’re all the same.

Except for a certain beautiful, buttoned-up brunette with fire in her eyes and a storm in her heart. They’re totally wrong for each other. He should be focusing on his upcoming audition, not coaching Kate on how to act like she’s a bona fide member of the Gordon Gekko club.

Problem is, they can’t seem to stay away from each other.

The course of true love never did run smooth, but in this 1980’s sweet-and-sexy rom-com, returns on love can’t be measured on the S&P 500.


This retro, hilarious ’80s workplace rom-com is nimbly delivered by author/narrator Karen White (Grey is her pseudonym) and Joe Arden.” AudioFile Magazine Earphone Award winner

Such a lovely debut from one of my favorite audiobook narrators! I loved the 80s nostalgia, the answering machine message lead-ins to each chapter, and be still my Shakespeare loving heart–a theatre actor hero (named Will) who quotes from the bard! The audio is fantastic. I’ve always loved Karen White’s narration, but how have I missed out on Joe Arden??? His performance–especially in a pretty emotional scene toward the end–was off the charts. Welcome to the top of my list, Mr. Arden. You and Ms. White make a fabulous audio pair!” —A.J. Pine author of The One That Got Away

“With lots of 80’s references throughout the book, and the narration by the always brilliant Joe Arden, and the fabulous narration by the author herself, Karen Grey/White has made an instant new fan in me.”—Audio Killed the Bookmark

“Joe Arden and Karen White are two of the best narrators in the business, and they both totally brought this story to life for me. I know when I see either of them listed on an audiobook, I’m in for an amazing narration. I felt there was a seamless transition between these two as they moved between the different characters. Outstanding performance by both.” — That’s What I’m Talking About/Blogging by Liza

Karen Grey captures the essence of the time, with a couple that has chemistry off the charts. The humor had me smiling, the nostalgia gave me the feel good happiness I love. It’s a fun listen!

Karen White and Joe Arden bring Kate and Will to life. Each finds the personality of their characters and makes them real to the time, yet timeless. I enjoyed this team.” Audiobook Fascination

I loved listening to this ’80s romantic comedy…from the meet-cute to the epilogue.”BookFan

2 thoughts on “Direct Download Audiobook #1”

  1. Miss C says:

    If you’re a lover and prolific quoter of Shakespeare, and if you can remember every popular TV show, brand, slogan, president and major actor from the 1980’s, this is the book for you!
    Adorable analyst Cate and hunky actor/bartender Will have an instant attraction that can’t be ignored.
    But is either one what the other is looking for?
    With witty one-liners, and two fabulous narrators, I thoroughly enjoyed this audio recording, as well as the nostalgic trip down memory lane.

    ** Note: Contains some profanity and sexual references.

  2. Lisa Reigel says:

    Wonderful series!
    Will is an actor and Kate is a financial analyst; they’re from different worlds and have different expectations but have an intense attraction that keeps them drawn to each other. Set in Boston theater and a sexist, finance worlds, What I’m Looking For is charming, funny, and has you rooting for these two. A very character-driven book that took me back to when I was just starting out in the workforce in the mid 1980’s (one of the best decades!). Take a trip back in time when people actually left messages on answering machines (before texting was a thing) and enjoy! Be sure to check out the other books in the series – so good.

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