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From the Publisher:

“The first comprehensive history of Hollywood’s high-flying career women during the studio era, Nobody’s Girl Friday covers the impact of the executives, producers, editors, writers, agents, designers, directors, and actresses who shaped Hollywood film production and style, led their unions, climbed to the top during the war, and fought the blacklist.
Based on a decade of archival research, author J.E. Smyth uncovers a formidable generation working within the American film industry and brings their voices back into the history of Hollywood. Their achievements, struggles, and perspectives fundamentally challenge popular ideas about director-based auteurism, male dominance, and female disempowerment in the years between First and Second Wave Feminism.
Nobody’s Girl Friday is a revisionist history, but it’s also a deeply personal, collective account of hundreds of working women, the studios they worked for, and the films they helped to make. For many years, historians and critics have insisted that both American feminism and the power of women in Hollywood declined and virtually disappeared from the 1920s through the 1960s. But Smyth vindicates Bette Davis’s claim. The story of the women who called the shots in studio-era Hollywood has never fully been told—until now.”

My recording experience:

This book was provocative in terms of seeing what ground has been gained and lost for women over the years in Hollywood. A must for avid fans and students of cinema history, it seems that J.E. Smyth has unearthed facts ignored by previous (male) historians. Not only did I have a good time doing the research on this one (to find name pronunciations of many of the lesser-known actors, editors, designers, etc that are mentioned, I watched a LOT of YouTube videos including ancient Oscars telecasts and episodes of What’s My Line) I also learned some random facts, for one, that the Republican Party was the first to support the Equal Rights Amendment.

Listen to a sample here:

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5 thoughts on “NOBODY'S GIRL FRIDAY by J.E. Smyth”

  1. sallycootie says:

    There always seems to be a handful of powerful women when you read the history of the studio era, but this book sounds fascinating, challenging what we think we already know and telling the stories of more than the famous names. Your research intrigues me as well. I have read history of the Oscars but never thought of looking at YouTube, and I had completely forgotten about What’s My Line?, a show we watched every week with my grandmother.

  2. Mary C. says:

    I’ve read quite a bit on the studio system, but know there’s so much more to discover.

  3. LeeF says:

    Oh, this looks like a good one. I think it is even more relevant to read now in light of recent issues.

    1. Karen says:

      Lee, you are the randomly selected winner! I’ll get the book out to you as soon as I get your address.

      1. LeeF says:

        Thank you so much, Karen- I am delighted. I emailed you my current address.

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