Tales of Loss, Love, and Finding Your Own Power.21949774_1644467735627638_2454907516442949877_o

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From the Publisher:

Nevertheless We Persisted is a special audio-first anthology of poems, essays, and stories that explores themes of loss, love, and finding your own power. It’s an astonishing collection filled with heart, tears, laughter, and ultimately hope. This collection was created from writers across the United States and also in Australia, England, India, and New Zealand. Each piece is performed by a talented narrator. Music by Jennie Knaggs and Nick Shillace of Lac La Belle.
Pieces include:
A woman’s journey fleeing Iraq with her children and how it made her stronger.
A man recovering from his experience in Vietnam and learning empathy.
A journey with cancer as posted on Facebook that ends not with a prayer…but a blessing.
A 25-year-old talking about being a millennial and feelings of gratitude.
A mother getting through Taco Night at her home without drinking. For once.
A mother losing her husband whose children become the thread that pulls her through.
Poems that are sensual and beautiful.
Words on faith and hope.
A first kiss, a chance encounter on an airplane, letting go of a loved one, the sense of loss in losing a parent. The hope and joy and madness of being a mom.
An woman talking about how she’s judged for her brown skin.
A poem about dancing in the rain.
A poem about ordinary objects and thoughts of love.
Finding joy in making love with a partner as the years pass and their bodies age.
Looking for the silver lining, conquering white water rapids and fear, a young woman and her relationship with a gambling addict that made her question love and find her strength.
A middle-aged woman who falls in love with another woman and the struggle she has to embrace her true self, honor her husband, and live an authentic life.
A call for women to rise up and speak.
And my piece is included that is dark and tough and deals with sexual violence by giving voice to the young woman in Lolita.
I’m sure I’ve forgotten some, but it’s a really beautiful and strong collection from everyday people.
This is a piece to listen to, to discuss, to share. Ebook is coming out soon.

Writers include: Amy Oestreicher, Cat Gould, Charlotte McKinnon, Christa Lewis, Christina St Clair, Danielle Daney, Deepti Gupta, Echo Aspnes, Gina Dawe Weaver, Gracie Greenbaum, Jack Arkel, Jacqueline Pick, Janina Edwards, Jerrianne Hayslett, Karen Randall, Karen White, Kass Hillard, Laura Schmidt, Lauren Ezzo, Lily Schmidt, Mark Blickley, Martha McSweeney Brower, Nancy Wagner, Rodney Vaccaro, Sandy Logan, Shahana Kumar, Sue Pitkin, Tanya Eby, Tamara Hansen, Tammy Scott, Tricia Lowther, and Viiji Chary
Narrators include: Amy Landon, Amy McFadden, Bailey Carr, Cat Gould, Christa Lewis, Deepti Gupta, Emily Beresford, Emily Sutton-Smith, Erin Bennett, Erin Mallon, Gina Dawe Weaver, Gracie Greenbaum, Julie McKay, Lauren Ezzo, Lauri Jo Daniels, James Patrick Cronin, Janina Edwards, Karen White, Kate Rudd, Nancy Wagner, Nicol Zanzarella, Mark Kamish, Paul Heitsch, Sarah Mollo-Christensen, and Sue Pitkin
 25% of the proceeds (after publication costs) will be donated to Planned Parenthood.
From the review in AudioFile Magazine:

“This powerful volume of life-affirming poetry and prose is narrated by a variety of feminist voices. As the narrators perform their own pieces and, at times, those written by others, the quality of the delivery remains constant. The variety of narrators works together as a sort of contemporary Greek chorus, encouraging listeners to give voice to their experiences of triumph and trauma. It’s a volume you might want to start and stop at various places throughout the week. The sweetly somber tone of the works is especially suitable for a morning walk or an evening soak in the tub. For those in need of an uplifting listen, this will become a fast favorite.”

For my recording experience, check out my post on it.
Listen to a sample here:

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  1. sallycootie says:

    This sounds like a powerful collection of stories. I think listening would be even better than reading.

    1. Karen says:

      Sallie, you are the other winner. I’ll be emailing you to find out if you want the audiobook or ebook.

      1. sallycootie says:


  2. Mary C says:

    Sounds like an inspiring collection.

    1. Karen says:

      Mary, you are one of the winners. I’ll be emailing you to see if you want the audiobook or ebook!

  3. Sounds like an emotionally powerful listen… Thanks for the chance!

  4. Ezra says:

    Thanks for sharing this information, I truly enjoyed your storytelling fashion.

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