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“Her raspy timbre and breathy delivery perfectly complement this cozy mystery while also capturing the eeriness of this eco-friendly island. When circumstances worsen and others go missing, White skillfully builds the suspense.”

–AudioFile Magazine

“Zevin gleefully exposes the media, male privilege, hypocrisy, and more, finding her ideal collaborator in narrator Karen White, who wheedles, weeps, snaps, cajoles, questions, and demands Zevin’s unforgettable characters into life.”

– Library Journal Starred Review

“Karen White’s clearly enunciated, steady-paced narration nicely relates this densely packed information that is essential for all public libraries, especially those in communities experiencing this phenomenon.”

– Library Journal Starred Review

“Karen White’s emotional narration brings out the vulnerability and passion behind a divorce lawyer’s facade of untouchability.”

– AudioFile Earphones Award Winner & Best Voices Romance

“Her pacing is so natural that she could be making up the story as she goes… And she delivers the love scenes with enough emotion that you sense the heat – but not so much that you feel like a voyeur!”

– AudioGals

“For the bulk of the story White’s capable voice projects desperation and hope as Ella Mae struggles to support her family amid deplorable working conditions that lead, finally, to her commitment to strive for fair treatment. White gives unique voices to mill owners, union organizers, and Ella’s fellow workers…A powerful look at a dark chapter in our history when desperate people fought for equity and respect.”

– AudioFile Magazine Earphones Winner

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