If you are a horse lover, or know one (maybe your mom?) then enter to win these two audiobooks from Tantor Audio about folks whose lives were changed by these magnificent animals.
BELIEVE: A Horseman’s Journey by Buck Brannamen
Narrated by John Pruden and Karen White
SADDLED: How a Spirited Horse Reined Me in and Set Me Free by Susan Richards
Narrated by Karen White.

To enter, just make a comment below and tell us something about you and horses.   Winners will be chosen at random on Thursday May 17 at noon PST and will receive a CD version of the audiobooks.  Entrants in continental US only please.


  1. ndillonlee says:

    Horse therapy is the best type of therapy ever!!! For just about anything….spending time with them, grooming, playing, riding….there is nothing else in the world like it….I currently have a Gypsy Cob/Vanner that I got when she was 6months old …she just turned 9 and she is the best

    1. ndillonlee says:

      you could delete this one…I did not mean to leave two comments.. 😉

  2. ndillonlee says:

    There is nothing in the world like horse therapy…..just spending time around them grooming, playing, riding… is the best! I have a 9 year old Gypsy Mare that I got when she was 6mo old…she is the best!

  3. Lee Ann says:

    I was afraid of most animals growing up but horses are so beautiful I was still enthralled by them. I cried over “Black Beauty” (the book) many times and loved the TV show “Fury.” I still think they’re one of the most elegant animals on earth. I recently saw the documentary about Buck Brannaman and loved it.

  4. jxnsmom says:

    When I was growing up, one of my uncles had three ponies. A cousin and I used to ride them everywhere, imagining all sorts of adventures. It’s been years since I’ve thought of that time. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.
    I loved “Chosen By a Horse”, it was such a moving story. I hadn’t heard of “Believe”, but it sounds like I’ll have to add it to my tbr pile.

  5. callsignkatejones says:

    I had to give up riding 10 years ago due to ongoing health issues. (same health issues that led me to audiobooks for when I was to sick to read a regular book. Those days are mostly passed now thankfully, but I still very much enjoy audiobooks and often prefer them over paper/Kindle.)
    Listening (and reading) is how I still can ‘ride’ and enjoy the freedom of traveling on horseback (preferably through the forest on a broad flat sandy path with a clear view of possible hikers – which you politely want to pass in a calm walk – on a nice cool summer day with no flies in a flat out gallop and free reins in perfect balance.)
    I don’t live in the US, but am happy to pay for the shipping costs through PayPal should I win.

  6. Jay French says:

    About 10 years ago I listened to the audiobook of Seabiscuit. I hadn’t had much interest in horses as we were never around them much growing up — my Mom was very allergic to them. I found the story truly magical. I talked my Dad into reading the book, and in talking to him about it, found that he grew up riding horses to school in the small one-room schoolhouse he attended in Southern Illinois. He told me stories about his horses, stories I never heard from him before. Since then, we have shared an interest in race horses, even fielding competing teams in the fantasy Kentucky Derby contest over the past many years. Horses have been the basis of many, if not most of the conversations I’ve had with my Dad over the past decade. I know that without Seabiscuit, my Dad and I wouldn’t be as close as we are today.

  7. kewhite says:

    The randomly chosen winner was Kate! (I will send you an email about arrangements). Thanks everyone for participating!

    1. callsignkatejones says:

      *hooray! thank you!!*

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