The second half of my joint post with author Ellery Adams goes up at the Tantor Audio blog today, and FedEx dropped off my copy of the audiobook this morning, so I’m doing a quick giveaway.
Check out the interview at the Tantor blog, where I answer Ellery’s readers’ questions about how we make audiobooks.  Come back here and tell me something you learned in a comment below and you’ll be entered into a random drawing to win the CD version of the most recent Books by the Bay mystery, WRITING ALL WRONGS.
From the review at Fan Girl Nation:

“Karen White returns to narrate this book, as with the others in the series. White helps to bring to life the story, leaving the readers hanging on every word.”

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.  Kate is the randomly selected winner and the CDs will be mailed out to her as soon as I get her address.  Thanks to all for entering!  I give away lots of books – to find out about them in the future, please consider following this blog, or my Facebook page, or on Twitter.

Here’s a sample:

6 thoughts on “FLASH GIVEAWAY: WRITING ALL WRONGS by Ellery Adams”

  1. Mary C. says:

    Your sound engineer husband has set up your recording studios.

  2. Sue S says:

    I learned you were a stay at home mom who figured out how to work and be there for your kids. I love that! I homeschooled my boys and now that they are grown, who am I??

  3. Kate Mejaski says:

    We listen to audio books all the time, so it was very interesting to learn about the process and all of the prep you do. Also very cool that you have a studio in your home!

    1. kewhite says:

      The kind of funny thing is that it is hidden behind a closet so I think future owners could be surprised when they find it!

  4. sallycootie says:

    I don’t know why, since I worked at home myself for years, but I never thought you could do it at home. I love audio books. Thanks for the chance to win.

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