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Child of Mine

I *finally* turned in a draft of book 4 in the Boston Classics series to my editor last night, so I celebrated this morning by organizing my character inspiration images on Pinterest.

If you’ve been following the series, you might already have an image for Bella in your head, but this is the one that I’ve been working with.

Her love interest, Henry Smith (yes, I know, boring name but there’s a reason why) was all new to me, so I went back to this photo again and again. I just LOVED this guys hair and eye color, his hair and beard but most off all his super intense gaze. Which I sometimes got lost in.

Bella’s daughter, Delilah, or Lilah as she likes to be called (all the MC’s in this book have multiple nicknames…) is featured heavily in this (psst. Secret Baby trope) book, and of course there are multiple pets as well!

As a side note, if you’d like to name this bookstore cat (and get credit for it in the Acknowledgements) I’ve donated that honor to the fundraiser Romancelandia for Lousiana, where all proceeds go directly to organizations providing Hurricane Ida relief.

Check it out here:

You can also bid on an audiobook-themed tee shirt I designed here:

Stay tuned for more on this book, including the release date & cover reveal!

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