A YEAR AND SIX SECONDS: a love story by Isabel Gillies

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From the Publisher:
A Year and Six Seconds opens on the winter day Isabel Gillies arrives in Manhattan, two young sons in tow, after her husband has left her; she’s moving back in with her parents until she can figure out what to do next.
In scene after sweet, hilarious scene, Gillies exposes her attempts to feel strong and lovable and to cross items off a staggering to-do list that includes: break down only in front of best friend, not in front of children; get along with parents in tight quarters; find preschool spot for son mid-school-year in Manhattan; receive one great, romantic kiss. She makes lists, she dates, she cries; she and her whole crowded family get the flu; then, just when Gillies least expects it, she falls in love.
A Year and Six Seconds is a buoyant, true romantic comedy with a universal human undercurrent reminding us that we can all struggle and stumble, but somehow come out just fine on the other side.
From the Literate Housewife review:
“This audiobook is narrated by Karen White. She did a wonderful job rolling with the punches and small joys that filled Isabel’s Gillies’ account of her divorce and its aftermath…I can honestly say that I’m glad I finished the book because the last 45 minutes redeemed the experience for me. There is a scene where Karen’s reading brings out the beauty in an otherwise sad experience that warmed my heart.”
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2 thoughts on “A YEAR AND SIX SECONDS: a love story by Isabel Gillies”

  1. Cariol Wong says:

    I love that there is a string of humor throughout this book. I am a big one for making lists so I know that I would love this book.

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