Posted by: Karen | August 29, 2018

Vintage Love Stories, by me and seven other fabulous people

Available now from Blunderwoman Productions in audio and ebook formats. Coming soon in paperback.9781982717964

From the Publisher:

A collection of sweet, tender, poetic, beautiful, heart-wrenching, sensual, love stories.

These stories share a common theme of love, set in a time period before cell phones and social media.

“Second Best” by Brenna Aldrich

1944. The South. Can a heartbroken young woman learn to love again?

“Didn’t It Rain” by Kathryn Burns

1964. Manchester. A teenager realizes her love for music…and for a girl.

“The Painted World” by Cassandra Campbell

It’s 1959, New York and Tennessee. Will a young woman choose the life she’s meant to live or the life she longs for?

“Adele” by Tony Healey

A couple who’s been married for decades. A secret shared. And a love that shows the beauty in supporting a partner when they share their authentic self.

“Purple Roses” by Christina Thompson

A quiet farmhouse. A lifetime love, lost. A message sent from beyond that restores faith, hope, and blessings for a new love.

“She Screams” by Jacob Strunk

1940s. A smoky bar. Jazz. Where love and lust seduces like a song.

“Can’t Get Used To Losing You” by K.E. White (aka Karen White)

It’s the 1980s. First love. Young love. But is it a forever love?

“To Love Is To Burn” by Amanda R. Woomer

1871, Peshtigo, Wisconsin. A deadly wildfire and the love that rises from the ashes.

These stories make us swoon, make us laugh, cause tears and sighs. The world needs more love, and we are excited to share it.

My WRITING experience:

I’ve been working on a romance series for the past year and half or so. I’d been doing a lot of backstory writing for the second book in the series and I wasn’t sure if it really fit in the novel. When I saw the Blunderwoman call for submissions for this collection, I decided that I needed to turn those scenes into a short story. Even though I’d never written one before! I learned so much through the process, and am grateful to my local writing group: Hayley Swinson, Andrea McNair and Kelly Goss for their feedback, as well as for Blunderwoman’s editor, Christine Allen-Riley, and of course to Tanya Eby, editor-in-chief-extraordinaire.

My LISTENING experience:

Listening to the auditions for my story just blew my mind. It truly was a dream come true that I never knew I had. It was a tough choice, because everyone did such a good job, but Tara Sands and Mark Turetsky both seemed to get my quirky sense of humor, so that was the tipping point. Listening to the whole story narrated by the two of them was a gift. I’ve loved listening to the entire collection; it’s got an impressive range of subject matter and tone and perfect matchups of authors and narrators.

Watch narrator Mark Turetsky perform a the first few minutes!

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