Posted by: Karen | July 24, 2015


Thanks to the folks at, I have 5 audiobooks to give away to you Rebecca Zanetti fans!

As you may have already read or listened to books in this series, five winners will get their choice of one of the audiobooks in Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protector series, including:







THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.  Candace, Rebecca, Terri, Ingela and Jonetta are the randomly selected winners and the coes will be emailed out to them ASAP.  Thanks to all for entering! I give away lots of books – to find out about them in the future, please consider following this blog, or my Facebook page, or on Twitter.


  1. Thank you Karen!

  2. Woohoo and congrats to the other winners. Thank you to Karen and Audible.

  3. I would like to be a Vampire shifter. Vampires are the ultimate predators. Throw in the ability to change into mist, fly, read minds, and shift into an animal and you have the best of both worlds.

  4. Shifter… as long as it is a big cat or a wolf. With my luck it would be a spider. LOL My second choice would be a witch. All that magic… and so much fun. 🙂

  5. I would date a Shifter but I would want to be a witch. I am entirely against shaving as it is so I wouldn’t even want to go there with Shifting LOL. Also vampires keep opposite hours as me. So witch it is 🙂

  6. Vampires would be my choice. They are sexy, powerful and live long. but I have to admit that in this series, the shifters and witches are sexy too. Moira and Conn were my favorite couple (witch and vamp).

    • Moira was one of my favorites, too.

  7. Hmmm took me a bit to decide. I want to be a shifter that can fly. Maybe because my commute to work is long or maybe because of the freedom and different perspective I’d have from the sky. This was a fun question to ponder! Thanks~

    • Oh, that’s a thought. I wouldn’t want to be a shifter myself because it kind of freaks me out, but being able to fly might make it worth it. That said, if you had no commute, that’s less audiobook time 😉

  8. since i was 10 i wanted to be a vampire! because they are immortal, if they love someone its forever!! and if you piss me or someone i love off, i’d drink them dry! ha! ha!

  9. Well I am going to be different and say I would definitely rather be a Vampire.
    Then I could be related to Talon and Dage and Conn and Jase. Could you imagine having all those guys as big brothers? No seriously, the vampire would fit my personality better. I am a nightowl, intense, and kind of a loner type. Def a vampire!

    • Well I’m glad there’s at least one for the vampire team!

  10. I would prefer to be a witch bc I like the idea of being able to use and understand quatum physics energy balls fire ice etc …sounds like my cup of tea!

  11. Oh, I think a witch. I’ve always wanted to be a good witch. Now, I want to be a good witch that mates with a vampire!

  12. I’m all about the shifters. I just think that the ability to be an animal part of the time would just be amazing. I can’t imagine being able to spend part of my life as a leopard or a wolf or a bear. Thanks for the contest. I listened to Fated last week. I really enjoyed it (still need to write my review).

  13. I would definitely have to go for being a witch out of the three.A witch just seems to be more in control–and I do like my control!

  14. If I had a choice, I’d be a witch! They’re respected and feared by all… Thanks for the chance!

  15. By far I’d rather be a witch. Erica’s arguments are spot on, and in my vision of witches I see an affinity to the earth, her cycles and her bounty, providing their strength. That really appeals to me.

  16. A shifter – combination of human and animal characteristics.

    • Shifters are winning so far!

  17. I would prefer to be a shifter. I love their cuddling side and often sweet animal form. ~ Thanks for the chance to a “Dark Protectors” audiobook. Cross my fingers.

  18. Most definitely a shifter! The idea of being able to transform to an animal form seems exciting.

  19. If I had a choice, I would be a shifter. Can you imagine changing into anything you want? I wouldn’t want to be just an animal shifter but one of those that can change into anything. Maybe one day I’d want to be model material and then another a beautiful black jaguar. On another day, maybe be a favorite actress. You would just have to be careful to not let it get out of control.

  20. Definitely a shifter. Thanks for the chance!!!

  21. As someone with a deep and profound love for paranormal romance/urban fantasy, I have always had a special place for the stories that featured witches. They seem like such an underrepresented group in the paranormal world. Witches have always seemed like the most human of the paranormal beings. Maybe that makes them more vulnerable, but I like that that vulnerability (tends to) keep them connected to their humanity. (More so than vampires and shifters.) I’ve also always felt that witches seem to have more agency and control of their state than vampires and shifters. Witches aren’t usually turned against their will, they aren’t usually controlled by the phases of the moon or their bloodlust. I like that.

    • Great argument for the witches, Erica! I love how Zanetti connects their magic to quantum physics in this series, myself.

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