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From the Publisher:

“Bezu is a beautiful southern belle with genteel manners. But her problems are anything but. Deep in debt, she’s illegally taken in a few lodgers. A sweet stripper and her bodybuilder boyfriend, an Asian man loudly learning English through pop music, and a mysterious stranger with the most amazing blue-green eyes – and a secret. When one of them mysteriously dies and it looks like her muffins were the murder weapon, Bezu and her fellow Chubby Chicks Club member, Cat, must discover who the killer is before she ends up in jail…or worse. Will they succeed? Find out in Murderous Muffins, book two in the Chubby Chicks Club cozy mystery series.”

From the review at Audiothing:

“Karen White could not, in my opinion, have done a better job than this wonderful narration, she simply tells a story so well. I loved the Southern accents, and all the characters are so clearly defined that one is never left to puzzle “who’s that again?”
Karen never gives cause to detract the listener from the story, it all flows beautifully without interruption. Tip top job!”

My recording experience:
Although this book is number two in a series, I think it would work well as a standalone, as that’s how I experienced it.  Each book in the series is from the first person POV of a different character, so Lavrisa is wisely using a different narrator for each one.  I know that listeners like to have a consistent narrator through a series (and most narrators like it, too, as we really get to know the characters and the writer’s style) but in this case it makes a lot of sense to switch it up.
I had a lot of fun with all the characters in this one, from Bezu, the belle beset with problems, to each of the smaller wacky characters (par for the course I am finding in a successful cozy mystery).  It was the first time I’d done an entire book in an accent, but since it is from Bezu’s POV it demanded it, and hopefully, surrounded as I am these days by a wide range of southern accents, I was able to deliver!
Listen to a sample here:

This is a little different from my usual giveaways.  Thanks to the generosity of Lois Lavrisa, who also published the book, I have 25 digital download copies of this book to give away!  We just ask that if you take a copy you agree to give an honest review on  So, if you’re interested, just make a comment below and then I will email you with the download code.  You’ll need an Audible account to use it, which is free.  The first 25 people that comment or contact me on goodreads or Facebook or Twitter will receive a code.  Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “MURDEROUS MUFFINS by Lois Lavrisa plus GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Bec Stokes says:

    Always lovely to see a giveaway to promote a book/audiobook, especially when it promises to be a really good listen about a crazy bunch of people.
    I’d love to find a new fun mystery cozy series, and yes, discover what a conversation with a pop-music-speaking Asian sounds like! How did you come up with an accent for that?
    I’m always happy to post a review.

    1. kewhite says:

      I’ve just sent codes to everyone who has commented thus far. Let me know if you don’t get an email. The pop-music speaking Asian was challenging, since due to copyright issues (and to save your ears) I can’t sing the songs. But hopefully with the use of rhythm and an accent, you get the gist!

      1. Bec Stokes says:

        Thank you very much, have just received the code and am looking forward to listening

  2. PlaysInTheDirt says:

    Thank you for the opportunity! I would love to listen — especially as I have a long platelet donation appointment coming up and need something to keep me occupied while my arms have needles in them!

  3. KV says:

    This sounds like a fun mystery. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. lynden1408 says:

    Since I love Audiobooks so much that I’m now narrating them myself (!!) – and always looking for more good ones to listen to as I drive the CA highways – and one of my Pinterest Boards is ‘Muffin Tin Magic,’ (!) I’d love to receive a copy of this! I’ll offer my honest thoughts when finished with it. Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. Joplaya says:

    Mysteries have always been a favorite of mine, and I’d love to try this one. It sounds like it would be very entertaining. Thanks for offering an opportunity like this.

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