Wrapping up June is Audiobook Month, I have a giveaway of FOUR audiobooks from Jill Shalvis’ ANIMAL MAGNETISM series:


Animal Magnetism Shalvis


Animal Attraction





I have one copy of each of the CD versions of these books to give away courtesy of Tantor Audio. To be entered into this random drawing, just make a comment below, sharing what you love about contemporary romance and/or animals.
THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Cathy P. is the randomly selected winner and the CDs will be mailed out to her as soon as I get her address.  Thanks to all for entering! I give away lots of books – to find out about them in the future, please consider following this blog, or my Facebook page, or on Twitter.


  1. Christine says:

    I love to read contemporary romance because I love books with happy endings, and those are always guaranteed 🙂 (and if I win, I have an American friend who would be thrilled to receive one of these, so I’m entering even though I’m Canadian, hope that’s okay!)

    1. kewhite says:

      Hi Christine – I’m just hoping to not have to pay postage to send them out of the country…

  2. lisagk2014 says:

    I love animals. We have 3 inside dogs and 2 outside. They are loving. They are company. They bring me comfort. Thank you for asking and for the giveaway. lisagk@(Yahoo)

  3. Eve says:

    Love my dogs – they offer unconditional love, comfort and support.

  4. gaele says:

    Oh I’ve been DYING to listen to these for ages! I just think that you can’t go wrong with someone to love and a furry someone who loves everything!!

  5. I’m currently listening to book 2. Love this series!

    1. Oh I’m not entering the giveaway. I already own all the audios (but for #5, I read it from Netgalley).

  6. What better way to get you book fix, when your schedule is very busy, but to listen to your favorite author’s work. Looking forward to hearing this books of Jill’s.

  7. Cathy P says:

    I love to read contemporary romances because they take place in modern times and have happy endings. I love my dog because she is always here for me, loving me. Animals are so very special, and we would be lost without them.

    1. kewhite says:

      Cathy, you are the randomly selected winner! I will contact you via email to get your mailing address.

  8. It doesn’t matter how your day is going, a furry friend always makes it better. Thanks for the giveaway. nisethusfarATyahoo

  9. Yodamom Ford says:

    I have read one of these and I love the animal side of the story. i think anyone who loves animals is already a good person. I enjoy watching them struggle through everyday life to try to connect with each other for life.

  10. bjsreviews says:

    I love contemporary romances because they help transport me to a different person’s world and always have a HEA. Who doesn’t love a happy ending!

  11. Thanks Karen for posting your link on my blog (Books-n-Kisses). I love Jill and her books, but I have yet to listen to them on audio 🙂

  12. jsnow09 says:

    I have 3 big doggies, they are my children. 🙂 And contemps, I like the fact that it’s easier to relate to sometimes.

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