Two Books by Margaret Millar

The Murder of Miranda and The Cannibal Heart, available now at
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When Miranda Shaw, rich and recently widowed, and Grady Keaton, the head lifeguard at the Penguin Beach Club, drop out of sight at the same time, rumors begin to circulate among the other members and employees of the club. And when Miranda’s jewels are spotted in an estate auction, the rumors turn ugly, and Tom Aragon is called in to search for the missing couple.
Tom Aragon. The engaging young Chicano lawyer who solved the bizarre mystery in Ask for Me Tomorrow has to take an even stranger case with the highly dubious assistance of a nine-year-old monster named Frederic Quinn, who claims he has Mafia connections at his exclusive private school.
Award-winning novelist Margaret Millar is at her daffiest and deadliest in The Murder of Miranda.

A New York family rents a house in California hoping for tranquil summer. Mark Banner is a young, successful publisher, and his wife Evelyn is afraid of losing him. When the owner of the house returns, Evelyn recognizes the enemy at first sight.

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