HARD DAY'S KNIGHT by Katie MacAlister

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From the Publisher:

“Men in tights never looked so good. At least that’s Pepper Marsh’s first impression when she attends a jousting competition at the Rennaissance Faire in Ontario. An unemployed and unattached software engineer, Pepper has had enough of the computer geeks in her dating pool. She yearns for a man of yore. A man not afraid to stare death in the face . . . and laugh at it. A man with a big lance .
Pepper’s cousin has promised to find her a knight in shining armor, on the condition that Pepper walk around in wench garb. With her mind on her embarrassingly revealing bodice, Pepper promptly steps into the path of an oncoming steed . . . and is rescued by sexy Englishman Walker McPhail. Once the wild man of jousting, Walker has let a brush with death keep him out of the ring. Though his emotions are clad in almost impenetrable armor, Pepper finds Walker infuriatingly sexy—and she’s about to go medieval on his heart. ‘

From the AudioFile Magazine Review:
“Kate MacAlister’s outlandish and outrageously fun romance sparkles even more, thanks to Karen White’s astute humor and timing. Her range of voices and accents is as impressive as her emotional depth, and she clearly revels in the many moments of hilarity and sentimentality in this lighthearted adventure.”
My recording experience:
I loved narrating Katie MacAlister’s GIRL’S GUIDE TO VAMPIRES last year, so gave a hearty “Yes!” when Tantor asked if I’d be interested in recording this contemporary romance by MacAlister.  Not only was I looking forward to her trademark humor, but I must admit I have a professional and personal connection to the setting of this tale – I was a wench at the Sterling Renaissance Festival many moons ago (too many to count!).
Sterling photos102Yes, that’s me, in the center of both photos.   In the top one my fellow washer wenches  and I are begging a boon of the queen and in the bottom one we’re in the midst of one of our three shows; I’m ducking to avoid the bucketfuls of water being heaved my way.  (Although we had our own Wash Pit, we did not actually take in laundry. My fellow washerwenches and I performed comedy shows that we’d written).  I learned so much about improvisational performance and comedy writing working at Sterling, but even more important, I made life-long friends.  Girl friends, no Knights in Shining Armor for me.  Though Sterling had (and still does have, see below) some handsome jousters, they were a bit too wild for me!
My thanks to Katie and Tantor for giving me a chance to relive my Ren Faire summers, as well has narrate another hilarious and sexy romance!  And for those fans of MacAlister’s Dark Ones, I’ve just recorded LAST OF THE RED HOT VAMPIRES for Tantor as well, and I’m sure it’ll be out soon.
Listen to a sample here:

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