Posted by: Karen | November 30, 2013

HIDDEN HERITAGE by Charlotte Hinger

Book 3 of the Lottie Albright Series.6907-square-240

Available now from Blackstone Audio.

From the Publisher:

After a human corpse from a gruesome murder is discovered at the Carlton County Feed Yard, Sheriff Sam Abbott, Undersheriff Lottie Albright, and her deputy husband know their resources are going to be overstretched. Still, none of their team or the neighboring law enforcement in western Kansas welcomes the idea of a regional crime center.

KBI agent Dimon suggests the murder may not be a simple local affair. Unconvinced, Lottie—still director of the historical society—calls for stories from families whose ancestors were part of groups colonizing Kansas, hoping to uncover information for the investigation. Dõna Francesca Diaz, the elderly head of one such clan, arrives at the society with her great-granddaughter. It turns out that the murder victim was Francesca’s great-grandson Victor. Francisca insists she knows why Victor was killed, claiming to have ancient documents that can clarify everything.

At Dõna Francesca’s invitation, Lottie visits the Diaz property and gets several surprises. In a drought-ridden area, the land is lush; there are hints of a mysterious family treasure; and Francesca, a fabled curandera with terribly damaged hands, seeks an heir for her herbal knowledge and folk medicine skills. With Victor dead and his sister vowing to become a nun, Francesca has selected Lottie. Reluctant yet fascinated, Lottie agrees. And that’s just the first step into generations of a family history fraught with tension and emotional distress. Will it also hold the key to murder and other terrible crimes?

My recording experience:

Though most of the familiar characters are back in this 3rd installment of Lottie Albright’s forays into law enforcement, this one sees Lottie grow into herself and her personal power considerably.  Narrating in first person always gets me deep inside the character’s head, so her character growth was that much more satisfying from my perspective.  In addition to the densely specific descriptions of life in western Kansas, there’s a great deal more history in this book, some of it surprising and most of it quite fascinating.  And Lottie has plans for the future so I can’t wait to see what happens in the next one!

Keep your eyes posted for a giveaway the first week of December 2013; I’ll be participating in Cozy Mystery Week at Jenn’s Bookshelves.

Listen to a sample here:


  1. Charlotte wrote her first book when she was taking tap dancing from me! So excited to see how successful she has become!!!!!!

    • Love that Charlotte is a tap dancing historian!

  2. […] your eyes peeled, I will have a giveaway of this audiobook as well as Hidden Heritage by Charlotte Hinger starting Monday as a part of Cozy Mystery Week at Jenn’s […]

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