Posted by: Karen | February 13, 2013

MAKE YOUR BRAIN SMARTER by Sandra Bond Chapman

Available now at Blackstone Audio: Make Your Brain Smarter

From the Publisher:

“One of the world’s most innovative and respected cognitive neuroscientists combines the latest scientific discoveries with unique tests and exercises to improve your brainpower—for life.

The human brain is not a static organ; it’s plastic, which means it can grow and change. But just like a muscle, you have to exercise it. In Make Your Brain Smarter, renowned cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman gives you the comprehensive fitness plan you need to “exercise” your way to a healthier brain.

By taking advantage of the immense cognitive potential of your brain, you can think smarter, not harder.”

My Recording Experience:

This was one of those books where I’m sure I was pretty obnoxious for a few weeks as I couldn’t stop myself from sharing the wealth of knowledge I gleaned from this book 🙂  But in all honestly, I had an important takeaway from it.  No more MULTITASKING!  Sequential tasking fine;  trying to do more than one thing at the same time is not good for the brain.

Listen to a sample here: 


  1. […] which have made me realize that I really need to stop multi-tasking (including narrating the book Make Your Brain Smarter by Sandra Bond Chapman ).  As an alternative, I am working on sequential tasking.  That is, being present in each task […]

  2. […] Make Your Brain Smarter by Sandra Bond-Chapman from Blackstone Audio […]

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