Beverly Barton duo: Don't Cry and Don't Say a Word

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Though I thought I’d narrated Ms. Barton’s final book (she passed away in 2010), she’s back somehow with this pair of Romantic Suspense novels.  Don’t Cry was published in print in early 2010, and Don’t Say a Word in 2012.
Both novels involve some gruesome crime scenes and a complex mystery that seems to involve everyone in town.  Although each has an involving romance, I would say that the Mystery/Thriller aspect dominates.
A fun part for me was the Tennessee settings.  People seem to forget I’m a southern girl, so I don’t always get to do the southern books.  But on top of that, my husband was working in TN while I was recording them.  Kinda silly, but it made me feel like I was visiting 😉
Finally, these were (thankfully, to me!) nowhere near as nightmarishly graphic as the Dead by…series.  Nevertheless, there’s some serious creep factor in each.
Don't Say a Word
Don’t Cry sample:

Don’t Say a Word sample:

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