Posted by: Karen | September 25, 2012

YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE by Susan Richards Shreve

Available now from Dreamscape Audio.

From the Publisher:

“It is 1973 and Watergate is on everyone’s lips. Lucy Painter is a children’s book illustrator and a single mother of two. She leaves New York and the married father of her children to live in a tightly knit Washington neighborhood in the house where she grew up and where she discovered her father’s suicide. Lucy hopes for a fresh start, but her life is full of secrets: her children know nothing of her father’s death or the identity of their own father. As the new neighbors enter their insular lives, her family’s safety and stability become threatened.”

My recording experience:

I connected personally with this book primarily because of the time period.  I vividly remember the Watergate hearings being on TV when I was a kid, but also because the feeling of growing up in the 70’s was so well captured by Susan Richards Shreve.  The characters of this book are so richly drawn (pun intended for Lucy Painter!) that they were a joy to bring to life.  From Lucy’s 3-year-old Felix, to the magnetic Zee Mallory, to the “little round bun of a man” Gabriel Russ, to Lucy herself, I was fascinated by these quirky yet grounded characters, and felt deeply their sorrows, frustrations and hopes.  Hope you’ll love this book as much as I did!

Listen to a sample here:


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