TRACI COTHRAN: in love with the spoken word

JIAM2012 Behind the Scenes Interview #4
Traci Cothran, who works in Sales for AudioGo, said, “everyone forgets us ornery salespeople!”  But I suppose we forget them at our peril 🙂
KW: Since we know you work in Sales, can you  describe your work zone?
TC:  Full of paper, but my smiley face light-up pen and New Orleans trolley car ornament are always in sight to inspire.
KW:  How did you end up working in the audiobook industry?
TC:  I was a book editor, audiobook editor, audiobook club editor, and now an audiobook salesperson, and I’ve loved each challenge.
KW:  What was your major in college?
TC:  Political Science (English minor), but loving the theory doesn’t get one far in real life politics.
KW:  What’s your pet peeve?
TC:  When people say, “Listening to audiobooks isn’t reading.”  I mean, seriously people? Then what is it?  Even my daughter’s teacher told the class that listening was “cheating.”   This drives me to drink.
KW:  I don’t get that either!  Are you able to listen to audiobooks while you’re working?
TC:  I can sample while working, but I just can’t concentrate to follow a plot while simultaneously answering 8,000 emails.  But I do bulk listening while I’m painting walls – it helps pass the time wonderfully and ensures I don’t rush the job too much.
KW:  Do you have a favorite audiobook genre/author/narrator?
TC:  Mystery/Thriller.  Current narrator crush: Simon Vance, reading almost anything but particularly my favorite character of late, Charlie from The Good Thief’s Guide Series, by Chris Ewan.  I am also digging Peter Berkrot’s narrations – his Lassiter by Paul Levine, Mortal Terror by James Benn, and The Comedy is Finished by Donald Westlake all rock.
Tip: If you ever hear a salesperson talking about another publisher’s audiobook, listen up – because it must be great.  In support of the audio industry as a whole, I will share that this past year I’ve really enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, read by the fantastic Kate Rudd –  Great book – superb narration.  And Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, read by Wil Wheaton – this book is exactly why I love audio: I never would’ve gotten through the print version, but just fell in love with it as spoken word.
KW:  Anything else you’d like to share?
TC:  Best Thing That’s Happened in the Last Year: Tweeting with bloggers, authors, narrators and other audio enthusiasts.  Love the energy, and it’s such fun!
Job Hazard in dealing with BBC properties: BIG Doctor Who fan – Matt Smith, and the vintage Tom Baker. Favorite episode: Vincent and the Doctor – absolutely extraordinary. And now I am on my way to becoming slightly obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch in the Sherlock series.

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  1. More stellar recommendations for The Fault in our Stars and Ready Player one… looks like its time to buy them! Great interview, I’ve chatted with Traci, but its nice to get to know her a little better.

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