The many hats of TANYA PEREZ

Today I’m sharing my first Behind the Scenes Interview, a series celebrating June is Audiobook Month 2012 (JIAM2012).  I chose to share my interview with Tanya Perez from Blackstone Audio for the first post because, as you’ll see,  she has so many jobs in the industry!
I have had quite a few interactions with Tanya over the years: asking for assistance on everything from getting copies of books I’ve recorded to where to upload files, plus I follow her on Twitter and read her blog where she writes on many topics audiobook.  So I do believe she deserves her requested title…
KW:  What is your job title and what are your responsibilities?

TP:  Quite seriously, I did ask if I could have “Queen of the Audiobook Universe” put on my business card; but the Graphics Department showed a remarkable lack of a sense of humor. Perhaps they thought I wasn’t serious… Anyway, not really having a job title per se, I came up with “Studio Services,” which is a rather euphemistic term to cover the array of different things that I do for Blackstone Audio, Inc.: Studio Technician, Studio Administrative Support, Liason to Listener Advisory Services, Casting Consultant and every once in a while, a Secret Producer. My work day varies depending on what needs to be done; but I’m in either the studio or a brilliant green box known as my office, from 8:am- 2:00 p.m. PST. At other times, I’m online, working from home or discussing things with Grover Gardner in the “off-hours.” It’s pretty much become a 24/7/365 thing these days!
KW:  How did you end up working in the audiobook industry?

(Two titles for which I was a “Secret” (uncredited) Producer”)

TP:  I started working the audio book industry as a proofer for Grover Gardner and, a little bit later, as a studio monitor for the narrators who would use the booths set up at his house. My dream job would be either to be a full-out producer (I love, love, love the process!) or, if it couldn’t be in the audio book industry, to be a subsidiary rights agent. I wouldn’t go back to being a proofer now. I actually really like the work; but I’ve developed hyper-acute hearing and the physical and psychological effects are counter-productive to being efficacious in the position.
KW:  What do you love most about the work you do?
TP:  I love the fact the audiobooks require a synthesis of artistic and technical knowledge, that it requires the use of both halves of my brain. In some ways, I feel like every other job I’ve had has been “prep” for this one: my major in Theater Arts and work in theaters (lights & sound technician, board operator, and designer, as well as my exposure and involvement in the theater communities), a UNIX/pCode programmer (for its requirement to think in logical syntaxes; plus the corporate culture taught me a professional language that’s been invaluable in awkward situations); and even my work as a bookkeeper (which not only helps me understand productions costs and budgets; but makes me fairly adept with spreadsheets.) My work experience both in and out of the audiobook industry, plus my love of reading, makes me feel like I was made for this job. I just wished it paid more J
KW:  Do you have a favorite audiobook?

I have a Personal Pantheon of All-Time Great Audiobooks, which currently has ten titles (there are two trilogies, each of which I count as one entry) in it. The list covers a range of genres, audiobook publishers, authors and narrators. The most recent addition was Matterhorn (by Karl Marlantes; narrated by Bronson Pinchot.) I love any book that makes me feel like I’ve experienced the story, actually lived it as opposed to having just been told the story.
KW:  Anything else you’d like to share?
TP:  This:
dogearedcopy May 11, 11:31am via HootSuite

OK, so @Snacky_Smorez works to my right in the office. Every once in awhile I like to try and break his serious demeanor…
dogearedcopy May 11, 11:32am via HootSuite
So, I’m very tempted to put this up on my computer and check out for the week-end: @Snacky_Smorez

[It worked – He cracked a smile J]


Last year, for Audiobook Week/#JIAM, Jennifer Conner (@lithousewife) interviewed Grover and me. You may find it of interest: Lit Housewife link.
You can also follow me on twitter (@dogearedcopy) where I usually have something to say about something just about every day – and it’s usually about audiobooks and/or check out my audiobook reviews at
KW:  I’m imagining that many of you might have further questions for Tanya – ask away in a comment below and she will do her best to comment back soon!  Check back Monday for my next interview, with audiobook editor Becky Nieman.

8 thoughts on “The many hats of TANYA PEREZ”

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    Tanya is Queen of the Audiobook Universe and should have business cards that say that!

  2. I love this interview. What a great way to ring in June Is Audiobook Month. Tanya, you’ll always be the Audiobook Queen to me. 🙂

  3. amyrubinate says:

    Love hearing the story of how you became Queen of the Audiobook Universe. BTW, you may not need that business card since everyone already confers that title upon you!

  4. We should definitely get her cards with Queen of the Audiobook Universe. She deserves it. Great to learn more about what you do.

  5. Kurt Feldner says:

    Great interview! Thanks for sharing, Karen!

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