BECKY NEIMAN: putting it all together

JIAM2012 Behind the Scenes Interview #2
Full disclosure:  Becky is the younger sister of one of my husband’s best friends from high school.  She is very circumspect, but I am the “industry contact” she refers to in our interview 😉
KW:  What is your job title and what are your responsibilities?
BN:  I’m an editor for spoken word productions.  I have also worked as a director and producer in the field. The majority of my time is spent working in my home office at a repurposed sewing table with a comfortable chair.  I have a new iMac computer running ProTools for editing.  For reading PDF files, I have a groovy old iMac from 2002 with a moveable monitor.  I have a macro controller that I work with my left hand, and track ball on my right.  I try to simulate a studio-feel by keeping the lighting real low.  A typical day for me is 9 -5.  I get up, exercise (if I’m good) and then enter an alternative audio universe.

Becky’s Gateway to the Audiobook Universe

KW:  How did you end up working in the audiobook industry?
BN:  I started out in New York working in the music industry as a video producer/director/editor of promotional materials and advertising.  Once I moved to LA I began a long-term project of digitally recording and editing the lectures of my father Dr. David Neiman, who was a fascinating professor of ancient history.   With the help of an industry contact, I was able to translate those skills into a job in the audio book industry.  I am currently working towards my dream job of fully supporting myself through sales of my own content on the internet.
KW:   I have to give you a plug, Becky and recommend that everyone check out your content at Midnight Shadow Productions.  What do you love most about the work you do?  Do you have a favorite day of the week?
BN:  I like listening to interesting audio content and learning through this work.  I also like having control over my schedule and pace.  Although I love the work, my favorite day of the week is Friday, because the uploads are usually complete by that day and I feel a sense of accomplishment and the right to rest.
KW:  What do you like about listening to audiobooks, and do you have a favorite?
BN:  I have always loved audiobooks.  I started listening to audiobooks on cassette very early on.  I love Mia Farrow’s autobiography, “What Falls Away.”  I worked on a great teen fiction book called “Blood Father” where I felt like I had entered their world.  A new book called “The Mormon People” is an impressive work of research and very enlightening.  In general, I would never be exposed to such a wide variety of literature, if I didn’t have the good fortune of landing a job in this industry.

KW:  What you think audiobooks will be like in 10 years?
BN:  I think the audiobook and spoken word genre will continue to grow.  With the introduction of each new device that can download and play audio (like the iPad, Kindle Fire or Playbook) the industry will be able to reach more and more people.  We are at the beginning…

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