Subtitle: Using Jewish Teachings to Raise Resilient Teenagers

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In the follow-up to her bestselling book,The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, Dr. Wendy Mogel shows parents how to navigate the teenage years, when a child’s sense of entitlement and independence grows, the pressure to compete skyrockets, and communication becomes fraught with obstacles. Mogel emphasizes empathy and guidance over micromanaging teens’ lives and overreacting to missteps.  She reveals that emotional outbursts, rudeness, rule-breaking, staying up late, and other worrisome teen behaviors are in fact normal and necessary steps in psychological growth and character development to be met with thoughtful care, not anxiety.  With her signature wit and warmth, Mogel gives parents the tools to do so, offering reassuring advice on:
• why influence is more effective than control
• teenage narcissism
• living graciously with rudeness
• the surprising value of ordinary work
• why risk is essential preparation for the post–high school years
• when to step in and when to step back
Listen to a sample here:

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