I’m on vacation on the east coast this week – but a review of THE FOUR MS. BRADWELLS was just published in Audiofile (see below) and I was just spending time on the gorgeous Chesapeake Bay (where a good deal of this book takes place) so I’m inspired to do a giveway of a SIGNED (by the author) copy of this audiobook.
I cherish my girlfriends and the ways they help me through the struggles of marriage, parenthood and career in the 21st century (as the characters in THE FOUR MS. BRADWELLS do).  One of my favorite vacations ever was with a group of fellow actresses up to a house in the San Juan islands in Washington state – tell us about a time you escaped with friends in a comment below, and you’ll be entered to win the signed CD version of the book.
US only, please.  Drawing will be on Friday, August 5 at noon EST.


  1. Sarah says:

    Congratulations on the good review!
    My best friends and I have been going up to a lakeside cottage in Wisconsin since we were in high school. It belongs to my best friend’s family, and we spend hours laying by the pool, reading in the hammock, or sipping wine on the screened porch. It’s a bit different now that almost everyone has kids, but we still make it a point to go there at least once a year.

    1. kewhite says:

      Hi Sarah,
      You’re the winner! I will also contact you directly via email to get your mailing address.
      Thanks for entering,

  2. I had a wonderful time that I spent with 3 of my very close girlfriends at the Guadeloupe River in San Antonio, Texas. We spent the weekend camping and floating on the Comal river. We floated down the river experiencing the rapids just like the rapids in our lives having both the calmness and serenity as well as the turbulence that makes us wake up and smell the clean fresh air. We had lots of laughs along the miles we spent floating down the river and just thinking about those good times just makes me smile.

  3. Cariol Wong says:

    My best friend at work and I used to leave the office on lunch hour and explore a bookstore together. It was so great to get away from the tensions and the stress of the office, even for an hour. Also, four of us used to take long walks during lunch hours. The same relief. Come to think of it, our office was super stressful and still is. I heard from some of my buddies who are still working today. I am the lucky one, survived long enough to retire. Anyway, it was a joint adventure by shared sufferers of stress.

  4. Debra Silverman says:

    Thirty-ninth birthday weekend just me and my best friend in Mexico City. She was there working on a film and I crashed in her gorgeous hotel, hung out by the pool, sipped drinks at the bar. Spent many hours strolling the boulevards, looking at art, shopping for jewelry. In the evenings we had long dinners and lots of conversation. On my birthday we renting a boat and hung out in the floating market. It was the first time in five years I got to walk around unencumbered — no dragging little kids, carrying anyone on my back or worrying about how to negotiate the subway with a stroller. Freedom. Great food. Lots of laughs. And plenty of sleep.

  5. Colleen says:

    My girlfriends and I do a trip every year but my favorite was when we rented a house at Glacier National Park and spent a week hiking, rafting and just spending some great time together.

  6. I remember escaping to my son’s inlaws cottage for several days with my children and daughter-in-law. It was so wonderful to wake up in the morning to watch mist rolling over the lake and hear the cry of loons in the distance. The scenery was breathtaking and time stood still for a while. I got to spend time with my adult children and got to watch them interact again. I slept wonderfully and woke up refreshed. Simple things like sharing a meal together or laughing together were very precious. I had time to read and just be alone with nature. Wonderful…

  7. Claire says:

    I don’t have a specific time that I remember but every time I get together with my friends to go antiquing, shopping or sometimes just getting together to talk are all times that I cherish. I look forward to seeing them (email and phone calls aren’t the same) and hearing about what they’re doing and how things are going for them.

  8. kewhite says:

    Hello ladies,
    Really loved all your stories of time spent on getaways with girlfriends! The winner (belatedly, sorry about that, I AM on vacation 🙂 after a random drawing is Sarah!
    I am always doing giveaways on my blog, so if you want to be the first to find out about them, as well as new books I’ve read, I encourage you to be a subscriber.
    Happy Listening,

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