SAVAGE NATURE by Christine Feehan

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“With Savage Nature, the fifth in the Leopard series, Christine Feehan moves the setting from the Rain Forests of South America to the swamps of the Louisiana Bayou. She stays with her standard “couples are fated to be together” style but the story is interesting in other ways and moves at a fast pace. Beyond the main couple, Feehan’s other standard is to bring in a supporting cast of reoccurring and new characters. She shows both the camaraderie and fierce loyalty between them in a way I enjoy each time.
Saria Boudreaux has known her older brothers were leopard shifters since the age of ten but they’ve never voiced it to her. So when she starts discovering bodies killed by a leopard bite while photographing wildlife in a deserted marsh, she turns to the landowner who sends Drake Donavon to investigate. Drake is a running character in this series known for having a leg injury repaired by steel plates which means he no longer shifts. He’s now had experimental bone graft surgery and is ready to try shifting again while in the secluded bayou.
There is a lot going on in this disturbed leopard lair – 15+ hours worth – and Savage Nature jumps with a lot of action scenes.  After getting over my initial disappointment that narrator Karen White doesn’t choose to give the written Cajun accent a nod (which made the French words sound out of place), I settled in with her pretty southern accent for those living in the bayou and enjoyed each unique voice given to this large cast. Most important to me is the fact that White has the feel of the story down.  The characters’ attitudes and their wide range of emotions are portrayed perfectly, making this audiobook a pleasure to listen to.” Brenda, Speaking of Audiobooks, All About Romance.  August 2011.

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