THE FALLEN: RAZIEL by Kristina Douglas

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Great characters, conflicts and archetypes in this exciting romance!  I shared this first person POV narration with Paul Costanzo.
“Debut author Douglas delivers a sexy and smart romp to launch a series about blood-drinking fallen angels, cruel heavenly administrators, angelic warfare, and true love.” —Publishers Weekly
“This story is edgy and darkly riveting as it follows two individuals struggling against destiny and insidious treachery.” —Romantic Times
“If you’ve ever read a paranormal romance starring fated mates…oh wait, Anne Stuart doesn’t do checklists. In RAZIEL the author plays with biblical myths, turning more than a few on their heads. The plot is complex and I’ll do my best to cram it into a nutshell.
Raziel is a fallen angel (yes, there’s a compound filled with  future heroes) who works as a reaper for the extremely anti-social head fallen angel Uriel. While on a routine reaper pickup, Raziel impulsively saves Allie from the fires of hell for reasons he doesn’t understand. He decides to keep her in his suite at Fallen Angel Central where she’s an object of intense scrutiny among the other fallen and their mates. Why is she here?
Raziel and Allie spend most of the book bickering and denying that their spectacular sex is anything more than just sex. This distracted me since I’ve read far better I love you/hate you scenarios from this author.  Raziel has all those Stuart very-bad-man tendencies and it’s a long haul before he finally gets over himself. And there’s no grovel. I really wanted a grovel scene. On another note, I was left with questions about the series mythology as to immortality which I hope will be addressed more fully in subsequent books.
Karen White’s reading of Allie was appropriately attitude-y for a young woman who finds herself dead…or not.  Paul Costanza, I have to call a miscast. He sounds bored, robotic, and remote – hardly the voice for a virile, powerful, angry man. Dual narration was a good idea, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.  A solo narration from Karen White would have made RAZIEL a more enjoyable listen. Still, it’s better than most and raises thought provoking questions about the afterlife.”  Diana at Speaking of Audiobooks.

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  1. Di says:

    I just love audio books, working in a bookstore I keep getting recommodations for new books, if it was not for audios I wouldn’t have enough hours in the day to “read”.

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