Posted by: Karen | May 30, 2011


Audiobook Fans and Fans-to-be:


To kick off Audiobook month, the first 20 people to post a comment below ON JUNE 1ST with a link to their post (on your blog, or Facebook, Twitter, etc.) about your interest in audiobooks will be sent a book from my library.  Once I announce the 20 winners, you can email me with your top three choices and your mailing address.

p.s. I’ll no longer be doing giveaways on my Facebook Fan page (too many rules), but I’ll post there to let you know about them.


  1. I know I’m really late in posting but here’s my quick note on facebook. I love June and the celebration of audio books. We started our collection in the library many years ago for people with sight disabilites. It wasn’t long before everyone was listening while they worked, played or just to enjoy being entertained.

    • So glad you left your comment! I love hearing how different people have found their way to audiobooks. I will be having future giveaways, so stay posted.

  2. In the last two years I’ve come to love audiobooks. I listen to them in the car and while I exercise. I’ve recenlty told my husband that I want to exchange my under the counter cassette/radio for a CD player or an iPod player device so I can listen in the kitchen! Last month I listened to three audiobooks.

    My post is here.

    • i love to listen while I cook, too. Unfortunately, you were too late for the contest, but stay posted here on by blog, or become a Fan of my Facebook Page as there will be more giveaways to come!

  3. I know this sounds sappy, but audiobooks are changing my life. I had to find ways of justifying all the time I was spending listening. It dawned on me that I could walk on my treadmill (which was gathering dust) and listen at the same time! I am on the treadmill most days and have made other healthy lifestyle changes as well. And all because of audiobooks!

    • That is fabulous! I love to get two things done at once.

  4. I post each month on all the books I’ve read and all the books I listen to – here’s the latest.

    Happy Audiobook month everyone! 🙂

  5. Love audiobooks all the time because I have so many things to do that don’t require as much thought as movement. Probably a third to a half of the books posted on my book review website are audio–both fiction and non-fiction. Please enter me into the drawing.

  6. What a fun #JIAM celebration! Thanks for sharing the love. Here is a post I wrote at the end of last year professing my love of audiobooks:

  7. I love Audiobooks for when I am cooking or cleaning, as well as when I’m drawing at work (Drafting). They really help keep my mind busy while my hands are working! I’ve been listening for about 3 years, and I love how all the “lost” reading time can be reclaimed!

  8. floateee – Mary Robinson Adams
    Have you ever tried an audiobook? I found a new hobby… audiobooks. I can listen to a book and do other things, gotta love’m.

  9. I absolutely love audiobooks, they gave me back reading when focussing on books became too difficult. Now I’m constantly ‘wired for sound’ and catching up on all the years I missed keeping up with books. I’m just sorry I didn’t discover them sooner and I recommend them to all my friends…
    No blog, website or social sites except (where I first heard about this) and Both of which I enjoy visiting daily.

  10. I’m relatively new to audiobooks. I started listening to them earlier this year when my daughter was born, and wonder why it took me so bl**dy long. I read a lot, but previously I wasn’t able to read while walking (not good when you’re taking a baby for a walk in the park without them ending up in the stream — something that social services frowns on, apparently. Who knew?), and it makes doing the washing up much less of a chore.

    Thank you for this giveaway. How incredibly generous.

  11. I love audiobooks, what a great way to enjoy all your favorite reads when your time is limited. I love the fact that they’re becoming more popular, which means that more new titles are and will be published on audio.

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