Posted by: Karen | May 9, 2011

VEGANIST: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World by Kathy Freston

“If you want to get healthier and have a positive effect on your body and the world, then this is the book for you.”
Ellen DeGeneres

Available from Tantor Media.

Here’s a sample, but I warn you, it will raise your awareness, perhaps uncomfortably, about the horrors of industrial egg farms.  

“White turns in a workmanlike performance in this audio version of Freston’s guide to the benefits of a plant-based diet. Full of useful tips, practical information, and personal stories about veganism, Freston makes a compelling case for giving up meat and dairy products, but she can present a change in diet as something of a panacea for everything from illness to environmental degradation and spiritual malaise. Karen White’s narration is crisp, well-paced and pleasantly cheerful. Her conversational and encouraging delivery works to personalize the book’s stories and arguments–all the while eschewing any hint of sanctimony. A useful, very encouraging guide for listeners considering a vegan or vegetarian diet.” (Feb.)  Publisher’s Weekly.

Check out this episode of Oprah, where she and her staff take Kathy’s Veganist challenge and go vegan for a week.  There are really great moments in this (funny, educational and horrifying), and Michael Pollan has some great words of wisdom as well.

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