Interview with Speaking of Audiobooks' Lea Hensley:

“Visiting with Narrator Karen White
We often think of the selection of a narrator as the responsibility of the production company, but what about the narrator’s role in this first step of choosing the right reader for the right book?  It’s not as passive as you may think.  Karen White has graciously agreed to share her thoughts with us today.
Karen has narrated more than 90 audiobooks including memoirs, sci-fi, mystery, nonfiction, children/young adult, and much more.  We in romance audiobookland probably know her best for her performance of Julie James’Just the Sexiest Man Alive.  When I reviewed JTSMA for our column in 2010, I had nothing but praise for her performance stating, “Karen White excels in her narration… White perfectly portrays Taylor’s attitude towards Jason.”  Let’s welcome Karen and jump right in.”
To see the rest of the interview, go to Speaking of Audiobooks at All About Romance.

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