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“A complete winner for me in print in 2008, JTSMA proved to be as great a success in audio.  Upon its release earlier this month in audio, I immediately downloaded it to my iPod and started listening.  Newcomer Karen White excels in her narration. Jason’s character sounds a little too bigheaded in the beginning but it works well as you hear the bighead evolve into someone far more sensitive as the story moves along.  In the same manner, White perfectly portrays Taylor’s attitude towards Jason.  This is a “laugh out loud” audio and it provided me with some rich entertainment.  Here’s hoping we see Practice Makes Perfect in audio sometime soon – another James book I adored!  A solid audio grade A.” All About Romance.
“Chicagoan Taylor is driven to succeed, and her track record in defending corporate clients against sexual-harassment lawsuits is unsurpassed. On loan to her firm’s Los Angeles office, she reluctantly agrees to coach big-name actor and sexy heartthrob Jason Andrews for his upcoming role as a lawyer. His attitude irks her, while her insistence on maintaining a professional distance intrigues him. James herself is a practicing attorney in both Chicago and L.A., and her familiarity with both the law and the film industry lends credibility to this fast-moving, contemporary romantic comedy.” —BOOKLIST, Lynne Welch

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