HUCK: The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family–and a Whole Town–About Hope and Happy Endings by Janet Elder


“It would be saccharine to suggest that any good can come of having cancer, or that a warm puppy alone can embody salvation for a traumatized family. But there is an aura of happy innocence — a kind of euphoria — pervading this book.”

— Amy Finnerty, The New York Times Book Review

“Elder, a senior editor at the New York Times, shares a touching story of how a missing dog can bring out the best in people. Elder’s son Michael longs for a dog and, over the years, his parents offer him poor substitutes, including fish and butterflies. But after Elder is diagnosed with breast cancer, she decides to grant her son’s wish. The family becomes besotted with the toy poodle they name Huck, and the little pup with his perfect blend of “sweetness and naughtiness” develops a circle of admirers wherever he goes. While on vacation, the family learns that Huck has run away from the dog-sitter’s New Jersey home. What follows is a town-wide effort by complete strangers, teenagers, storeowners, and multitudes more that confirms the basic goodness in people and prompts a very happy ending. Elder is a gifted writer whose story is sure to tug on heartstrings and leave readers with a renewed belief in the kindness of strangers.”

— Publishers Weekly

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