PICKING COTTON by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino & Ronald Cotton with Erin Torneo


“In 1984, Thompson-Cannino, a 22-year-old white, North Carolina college student, was viciously raped by a black intruder and identified Cotton as her attacker. Her testimony led to his conviction and a sentence of life imprisonment, though DNA evidence exonerated him 11 years later. Unbelievably, the two formed a genuine friendship and now together advocate for judicial reform. Audie Award nominee Richard Allen and Karen White (My Kind of Place) bring this poignant, simply unforgettable, joint first-person account wholly to life. Recommended for all.” LIBRARY JOURNAL [See Major Audio Releases, LJ 2/1/09; the St. Martin’s hc, a New York Times best seller, was recommended as “an asset to any crime collection,” LJ 2/1/09.—Ed.]
“In 1984, at the age of 22, Ronald Cotton was convicted of raping Jennifer Thompson and imprisoned for 11 years. After he was exonerated, he forgave his accuser, and together they tell their story in this work. Narrator Karen White’s tense delivery suggests Jennifer’s fear during the rape and the long-term trauma she suffered afterwards. White also mirrors Thompson’s regrets and her resolve that Cotton receive restitution. In contrast, Richard Allen’s characterization of Cotton suggests his naïveté as a young black man accused of rape. Allen reflects Cotton’s initial compliance with the police, his anger at the horrors of prison, his growing faith over the years, and his gratitude for those who helped him achieve his release. Both narrators successfully portray the development of the friendship between Cotton and Thompson-Cannino.” S.W. © AudioFile 2009, Portland, Maine [Published: JUNE 2009]
From Bermuda Onion’s Weblog review:
I listened to the audio version of Picking Cotton and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Ron and Jennifer’s story is one of those true stories that seems stranger than fiction.  I liked the way the story alternated between their points of view – it made the story feel personal.  The audio version is narrated by Karen White and Richard Allen.  I was taken with Karen’s voice as Jennifer immediately and wondered how she could read the emotional scenes so well since I cried as I listened to them.

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  1. Karen, it is an honor to have you use your voice to fulfill mine. I hope someday to meet you face to face. It was a pleasure to work with you and may you always find peace and joy in all you do.

  2. BermudaOnion says:

    Thank you for linking to my review!

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